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Kingdel deeply believed that one enterprise wants to be remarkable & lasting, giving contributions returned to the customers, partners, staffs, the shareholders and the society on the matter of materials only is less far sufficient, needing to create a kind of core theme which everyone believe in and comply with in the spirit, It is just the theme that makes shares to be not only benefit-related collective, but thinking, cultural, active group.Shares regard honesty, cooperation, initiative, innovate that mean holding the honesty, 

cooperation principle as the core of enterprise culture, which is the foundation spirit guaranteeing us keeping pace with the times.Honesty: The honesty is the company’s foundation of existing; Kingdels regards honesty as the principle of personhood.Cooperation: All successes are the cooperation successes, all defeats are the cooperation 

defeats. No matter how many difficulties there are, we all should insist on cooperation.Initiative: Initiative is our basic principle of working, only positive and initiative, do we just 

make great progress.Innovation: The innovation is company’s soul, is our vigorous development which power does not use up.

Kingdel company realizes profoundly the essentiality of competition is the talent person’s competition, so we respect the talented person, being good at using the talented person, diligently create the positive upward work environment. development which power does not use up. diligently create the positive upward work environment.

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