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N130 PC Station

Product Description:
Size Access Device:  115*115 *26 mm    Shipping Size: 251*205*68mm
Weight Speed-3100 Access Terminal: 180g
Shipping Weight (includes power adapter, packaging, documentation, etc. ): 560g
Power Supply Input: 100-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz;    Output: 5 VDC, 2 A
Nominal consumption: 5 Watts
Front LED Power: connection to power supply  LAN: connection to network
Indicators Ready: connection to host PC
  01 – Speaker Output 04-– LAN port (RJ45)
02 – Keyboard Port 05 – Video port   06 – DC Power Input
03 – Mouse Port 07 – On/Off Power Switch
Connection to Host PC Via 100 Mb/s switched Ethernet connection
Video Resolution 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 (at 60 or 75 Hz refresh rate), 1280x1024 (~63 Hz). All feature up to 16-bit color support.
Audio Stereo output via speaker port
Data Security No USB ports on terminal ensure absolute data security
Internal HW   All solid-state design, no moving parts, no fans, no local user storage
  SPEED System-on-Chip with SDRAM and flash
  Embedded SPEED operating firmware (no local user OS)
Reliability (MTBF) >>100,000 hours (calculated using Bellcore Issue 6 TR-332, Case 2, Part I at 40°C)
HW Security No local user storage
Max # Users 30 users* when using a server host OS (i.e. Windows Server 2003)
Per PC 10 users when using a desktop OS (i.e. Windows XP)
User Software Terminal services software
Supported Operating   Microsoft: Windows XP Professional and Media Center Edition 2005
Systems   Windows Server 2003, Small Business Server 2003
    Linux: several variants (refer to support section of Website for latest supported revisions of Linux)
Kit Contents N-NP130 Kit includes access terminal, power supply, software installation & user’s guide and other peripherals are NOT included and must be purchased separately.
The number of users on individual host will depend upon the host system capabilities as well as the applications used and performance expectations for those applications. It is recommended that new customers test their application (s) before adding additional users. 
Does not support 3D games or full screen home theater video applications. 
Application software and OS licenses for the host PC may be required by the respective software vendor and must be purchased separately.      
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